GOFRG has partnered with Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-op to develop a website about our local history: Djillong means a tongue of land and is the name of the website: www.djillong.net.au

The following podcast was produced in May 2013. It provides some history about the area we now call Johnstone Park, and the Wathaurong people.

It is 10 minutes long.



Wurdi Youang Indigenous Protected Areas

Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-op is managing this land, revegetating it and educating younger community members about history and culture through a range of programs.

In January 2016, an 'Open Day' welcomed everyone to come and see dance and be part of a day celebrating being on Country, and One Fire members joined the activities.

Reg Abrahams is the program Manager, and has produced the following leaflet:
'Wurdi Youang Indigenous Protected Areas'

In February 2016, Reg with Alfie who also works at Wurdu Youang and Heather (a member of Geelong One Fire who is an Anthropologist) spoke with Greg McHenry at The Pusle FM 'Roads to Recovery' radio program about this land.

You can hear the 40 minute informative pod cast at:



Ron Milligan: local 'historian'.

Ron passed away on 17th July 2017 - he was a key member of Geelong One Fire since it's foundation. 

Over many years Ron Milligan gathered information and wrote as well as contributed talks to assist local people to know about and connect with the history of the Wathaurong people during early years of Settlement. This included reasearch about Willem Baa Ni ip and  William Buckley. The following are pieces of his writing, plus a song Ron wrote.

The Geelong Advertiser: November 2005 - 120th Anniversary of Willem Baa Ni ip death (note: he was not the last of the Traditional Owners, but the last still living on Country at that time)

Notes for a One Fire talk in March '16

What became of the Wathaurong People of the Geelong District

Catch the Spark, Whitefellas Lament - a song         

Ron Milligan - by Peter Jones

Ron Milligan - photo by Peter Jones


Victorian Aboriginal Poulation - a snapshot video



Books to read:
The Wadda Wurrung People: Did You Know? From Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-op & Queenscliffe Reconciliation Group
Wathaurong: The People Who Said No. From Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-op
1835 by James Boyce
Dark Emu by Bruce Pascoe
Convincing Ground by Bruce Pascoe
Campfires at the Cross by Heather Le Griffon
Treaty: Let's Get it Right - ATSIC Treaty Think Tank Essays, commissioned by AIATSIS
The Biggest Estate on Earth by Bill Gammage

Why Weren't We Told by Henry Reynolds